The Most Beautiful: 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring Oval

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Diamond rings are special gifts that signify love, loyalty, and affluence. A 3.5 carat oval diamond ring can be regarded as one of the most loved types of purchases due to its size, brilliance, and elegant look.

Understanding Carat Weight

Carat weight is the coverage measurement of a diamond that is defined whereby one carat is equal to 200 milligrams. A 3.5 carat diamond can also be worn to give the wearer that blown up look without going completely overboard. From this, it is much larger than the average engagement ring diamond, which on average measures approximately 1 carat.

Oval Cut Diamonds

As opposed to the round brilliant cut, the oval cut diamond is comparatively younger; it was developed in the sixties. It amplifies fire and can manipulate the appearance of the diamond’s size due to its lengthened structure. This cut also provides visual slenderness to the finger, which could be another reason why it is popular.

Pros of Selecting  a 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring

A 3.5 carat diamond ring oval is one of the best rings particularly for those who desire big rings that can make their wife or the lady of the house prominent. For this reason, it is worthwhile in the long run; in fact, the product does not wear off no matter the period it is used. Due to the shape similarity, the oval cut is appropriate for many types of rings including solitaire and complex vintage styles.

Kinds of Oval Diamond Rings

  • Prong Setting: Enables the greatest amount of light to penetrate the diamond making it sparkle.
  • Bezel Setting: An ideal one that gives great protection and is designed with a contemporary style.
  • Halo Setting: Adds more diamond stones around the central diamond to make it look more glamorous.
  • Solitaire Setting: Underscores the fact that the diamond can be presented at its best.
  • Vintage Setting: Has added rather more and delicate work on the articles and has a more classical look and feels.

Metals for the Band

  • Platinum: Long-term, patients’ hypoallergenic, increases the sparkle of diamonds.
  • White Gold: Looks very much like the real platinum at a cheaper price.
  • Yellow Gold: The epistemology of the institution is easily identifiable with the application of traditional and warm looking colour.
  • Rose Gold: This gives a romantic feel and also makes it unique.
  • Mixed Metals: Gives it a new and modern image, personalised and exclusive.

Diamond Clarity and Color

Clarity deals with the existence of defects and the greater the clarity grade, the higher the value of the stone. Diamond colour category starts from D and goes up to Z means the diamond can have a little hint of yellow colour. For a 3.5 carat diamond, clarity, which should be VS1 or higher and colour which should be at least G.

Certification and Grading

Certification helps to guarantee the quality of the diamond as well as tests the genuineness of the diamond. The GIA, AGS as well as IGI are some of the prominent grading labs that require most of the strict procedures. Forensic understanding of a diamond certificate includes recognizing that they are based upon the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and colour, as well as extras like polish, symmetry, and fluorescence.

Buying Guide for 3.5 Oval Diamond Ring Sets

There are strengths in making a purchase online and there are strengths in being able to make the purchase in person. Online is preferred due to it being easier and at most times cheaper while in-store shopping is preferred due to the physical experience. Look at the four Cs, certificates and own priorities while choosing diamonds. Foremost, a shopper should set his or her budget because the setting and the band material can influence the overall price.

Customising Your Diamond Ring

Something, perhaps, engraved makes it unique and sent with an insulting connotation. Setting your stones to the side contributes to a more exciting glint, and selection of an unusual model guarantees the given ring’s exclusivity.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain this shine, proper cleaning is done on the diamond ring so that it remains sparkling. Cleaning should be done with a soft brush and with delicate soap as well. Professional cleanliness maintenance and insuring the ring protect in regards to loss, theft, and damage.

The Latest Trends of Diamond Rings

Celebrities’ engagement rings can be said to be trend setters in as much as they display one of a kind cuts and high carat settings. These are halo settings, coloured gemstones and mixed metal bands.


  • Cost of a 3.5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring: Average cost ranges from $30000 to a hundred thousand dollars or even more.
  • Best Setting: These are the prong, halo, and solitaire setting.
  • Choosing Clarity and Color: This is true, but it will be ideal to go for VS1 or higher clarity and G or higher colour.
  • Care Tips: cleaning, maintenance services, and insurance should be done frequently and properly to maintain.


A 3.5 carat oval diamond ring is one of the most attractive and valuable pieces of jewellery that in addition to beauty can be an asset. The information provided on the aspects of choosing and personalising a diamond assists in finding the right ring that resembles style and love.

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