Mikki Mase Net Worth: The High-Rolling Life of a Professional Gambler

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mikki mase net worth

In the world of high-stakes gambling, few names shine brighter than Mikki Mase. Known as the “King of Baccarat,” this professional gambler has built a reputation for his daring bets and lavish lifestyle. But have you ever wondered what’s behind the mystique?

In this article, we’ll delve into Mikki Mase net worth, his rise to fame, and the secrets behind his success.

Profile Summary

Full NameMichael David Meiterman
NicknameMikki Mase
BirthdayOctober 27, 1991
Age32 years old
BirthplaceNew Jersey, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionProfessional Gambler, Entrepreneur
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth$8.5 million – $43.5 million
Source of IncomeGambling, Entrepreneurship
Social MediaInstagram

Who is Mikki Mase?

Mikki Mase, born Michael David Meiterman, is a force to be reckoned with in the gambling world. With his tattoos and bold personality, he’s become a fixture on social media and poker streams. But Mase’s rise to fame wasn’t overnight.

He honed his skills in underground gambling dens in New Jersey before making a name for himself in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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Mikki Mase Early Life

Growing up in New Jersey, Mase’s life wasn’t always glamorous. He struggled with drug addiction and legal troubles, but a friend’s offer to work in a tattoo shop turned his life around.

From there, he built a business empire, eventually selling it for tens of millions of dollars. This windfall funded his gambling ventures, and the rest is history.

Personal Life

When he’s not at the tables, Mase lives a life of luxury, often rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Drake. His Instagram account is a testament to his high-rolling lifestyle, showcasing stacks of cash, private jets, and designer goods.

But Mase’s personal life isn’t without controversy – he’s been “banned” from Las Vegas casinos, allegedly due to his exceptional gambling skills.

Mikki Mase Net Worth

So, how much is Mikki Mase worth? Estimates range from $8.5 million to $43.5 million, built from his business ventures and gambling winnings. His net worth is a testament to his strategic thinking and high-stakes gambling strategy.

How Much Money Does Mikki Mase Have?

Mase’s winnings are the stuff of legend – he’s claimed to have won $11,526,000 in a single game. His Instagram account is filled with photos of his winnings, and he’s become a fixture on poker streams like Hustler Casino Live and Live at the Bike!

What Is Mikki Mase’s Real Name?

Born Michael David Meiterman, Mase adopted his nickname “Mikki Mase” as his gambling persona.

What Is Mikki Mase’s Gambling Strategy?

Mase’s strategy is shrouded in mystery, but he’s revealed that he uses pattern recognition and statistical modeling to make predictive bets. This strategy has served him well, earning him the respect of his peers and the fear of casinos.

How Did Mikki Mase Make His Money?

Mase’s wealth comes from his business ventures, including rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, and clinics. He sold his empire for tens of millions of dollars, funding his gambling ventures.

Who Is The Famous Poker Player With Tattoos?

That would be Mikki Mase, known for his bold tattoos and even bolder gambling style.

“Banned” From Las Vegas?

Mase claims to be banned from Las Vegas casinos due to his exceptional gambling skills. While this hasn’t been confirmed, his absence from the Vegas gambling scene has only added to his mystique.

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Quick Facts

  • Mikki Mase’s net worth is estimated between $8.5 million and $43.5 million.
  • He’s known for his high-stakes gambling strategy and pattern recognition techniques.
  • Mase has been featured on poker streams like Hustler Casino Live and Live at the Bike!
  • He’s allegedly been banned from Las Vegas casinos due to his exceptional gambling skills.

Final Thoughts

Mikki Mase’s life is a true rags-to-riches story, from his troubled past to his current status as the “King of Baccarat.” Love him or hate him, Mase’s gambling prowess and luxurious lifestyle have captivated audiences worldwide.


What is Mikki Mase’s real name?

Michael David Meiterman.

How much is Mikki Mase worth?

Estimated between $8.5 million and $43.5 million.

What is Mikki Mase’s gambling strategy?

Pattern recognition and statistical modeling.

Is Mikki Mase banned from Las Vegas casinos?

Allegedly, due to his exceptional gambling skills.

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