Genshin Impact 5.0 New Hydro Character Leak

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Genshin Impact is a game that never shies away from introducing new characters in their game. HoYoverse has definitely done a great job at constantly introducing new patches and characters to the game in order to keep it fresh and interesting for both new and veteran players. In Genshin Impact 5.0 patch, they aim to do exactly that, as there have been leaks of a plan to introduce a Hydro character. Who is this new character, and will they be a part of the long list of Genshin female characters already in the game? Get ready to find out as we delve into all the news and leaks surrounding this mysterious new character.

Genshin Impact 5.0 New Hydro Character

Some of the latest leaks suggest that HoYoverse will continue the tradition of releasing three new playable characters in the Genshin Impact update 5.0, so better top up Genshin Impact account as soon as possible. In a post on the Genshin Impact unofficial sub-Reddit, Genshin Impact leakers Somnus & FouL suggest that one of these new characters is a five-star Hydro catalyst user, normally rare since she would be the fifth character to debut with this weapon and element type. This was evidenced by the spillage, which reveals that this character will make use of Elemental Skill and deal with Normal attack as some of their major means of dealing damage.

Genshin Impact 5.0 Character Kit Leak

The Elemental Skill boosts Normal Attacks and grants up to three stacks. Each stack offers a damage multiplier that scales with HP, a common trait among Hydro characters in Genshin Impact. Once three stacks are accumulated, the character can unleash five projectiles that deal the same damage as the enhanced Normal Attacks. These enhanced Normal Attacks deliver increased AoE damage and can provide a healing effect with a damage multiplier of 20% per stack. Launching the projectile will consume the stacks. Normal Attacks will drop small Hydro particles, which can be collected to extend the duration of the Elemental Skill.

The reliance on Normal Attacks suggests that this new Hydro character could serve a DPS or sub-DPS role. However, many fans have expressed doubts about the character’s ability to match the DPS output of Neuvillette, the latest Hydro catalyst user, who is widely regarded as the most powerful Hydro DPS unit in Genshin Impact.

The leaks have also shared information regarding the character’s Constellations, as the Constellation applies a 100% HP multiplier to the characters Normal Attacks and homing projectiles from Elemental Skill, which will boost its damage by a massive amount.

Final Thoughts

The next patch of Genshin Impact will be the 5.0 patch, which proclaims to ever maintain the thrill of the game and introduces a new Hydro character. Speculations based on leaks indicate this five-star Hydro catalyst user will show up with a set that boosts Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill, possibly a DPS or sub-DP role. As far as this character is concerned, there is a certain controversy among fans regarding his capacity to equal Neuvillette, but their rather interesting abilities for potential Constellation enhancements make this new fighter highly awaited.

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