Dennis Rodman Net Worth: Unveiling the Eccentric Life of the Basketball Legend

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dennis rodman net worth

Dennis Rodman is a name that resonates with basketball fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike. Known for his fierce defensive skills, flamboyant personality, and colorful off-court antics, Rodman’s life and career have been anything but ordinary. This article delves deep into Dennis Rodman net worth, exploring his financial highs and lows, and his multi-faceted career that spans professional basketball, wrestling, acting, and even diplomacy.


Full NameDennis Keith Rodman
NicknameThe Worm
BirthdayMay 13, 1961
BirthplaceTrenton, New Jersey, USA
Current ResidenceNewport Beach, California, USA
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationSoutheastern Oklahoma State University
ProfessionRetired NBA Player, Wrestler, Actor, Diplomat
FatherPhilander Rodman
MotherShirley Rodman
SiblingsKim Rodman, Debra Rodman
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseAnnie Bakes (1989-1990), Carmen Electra (1998-1999), Michelle Moyer (2003-2012)
ChildrenAlexis Rodman, Dennis Jr. Rodman, Trinity Rodman
Height6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Weight220 lbs (100 kg)
Body MeasurementsNot publicly available
Hair ColorVaries (often dyed)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$500,000
Source of IncomeNBA Salary, Endorsements, Wrestling, Appearances
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who Is Dennis Rodman?

Dennis Keith Rodman, born on May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey, is a retired American professional basketball player, wrestler, actor, and political diplomat. Standing at 6 ft 7 in, Rodman’s career is marked by his exceptional defensive abilities and rebounding prowess, earning him the moniker “The Worm.”

Rodman played 14 seasons in the NBA, primarily with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, where he became a five-time NBA champion. Beyond basketball, Rodman has made headlines for his unique persona and various off-court pursuits.

Rodman’s flamboyant lifestyle, ever-changing hair colors, and controversial relationships made him a media sensation. Despite his on-court success, Rodman faced numerous financial challenges and personal controversies, making his net worth a topic of great interest and intrigue.

What Is Dennis Rodman Net Worth?

As of today, Dennis Rodman net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This figure is a far cry from the multi-million dollar earnings he accumulated during his illustrious career. Rodman earned approximately $27 million in salary from his time in the NBA, not accounting for endorsement deals and other sources of income. Adjusted for inflation, his career earnings would be around $43 million today.

Despite his significant earnings, Rodman’s net worth has dwindled over the years due to a combination of financial mismanagement, legal issues, and an extravagant lifestyle. Nonetheless, his legacy in the world of sports and entertainment remains invaluable.

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Financial Problems

Rodman’s financial troubles began to surface in the late stages of his career and continued post-retirement. One of the most significant blows to his finances was the embezzlement by his financial advisor, Peggy Ann Fulford, who stole millions from Rodman and other high-profile clients. Fulford was arrested on fraud charges in 2016, but the damage to Rodman’s financial nest egg was already done.

In addition to embezzlement, Rodman struggled with a gambling addiction, losing substantial amounts of money in casinos and backroom card games. His personal life also contributed to his financial woes, with three costly divorces and substantial child support payments further draining his resources.

Early Life

Dennis Rodman’s early life was marked by hardship and instability. Raised by his mother, Shirley, in Dallas after his father, Philander Rodman, left the family, Dennis faced numerous challenges. His father, an Air Force pilot, went on to have dozens of children with different women, leaving young Dennis with over 40 siblings, though he only grew up knowing his two sisters, Kim and Debra.

Despite his athletic family background, Rodman was an incredibly shy and anxious child. His sisters excelled in basketball, but Dennis struggled to make it onto his high school sports teams. It wasn’t until a significant growth spurt in college that he began to develop the skills that would eventually make him an NBA legend.

Professional Basketball Career

Rodman’s basketball career took off after he joined the Detroit Pistons in the 1986 NBA Draft. Known for his exceptional defensive skills and ability to dominate the boards, Rodman quickly became a key player for the Pistons, contributing to their back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990. His tenacious defense and rebounding prowess earned him the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award twice and led the league in rebounds for seven consecutive seasons.

After his stint with the Pistons, Rodman played for the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. His time with the Bulls was particularly notable, as he helped the team secure three consecutive NBA championships from 1996 to 1998. Despite his on-court success, Rodman’s career was also marked by controversies and conflicts with teammates and coaches.

Wrestling Career

Rodman’s career wasn’t confined to the basketball court. In the late 1990s, he ventured into professional wrestling, joining forces with his friend Hulk Hogan in the WCW (World Championship Wrestling). Rodman’s wrestling debut came in July 1997 at the Bash at the Beach event, where he teamed up with Hogan. Although his team lost, Rodman’s presence in the ring was a significant draw for fans.

Rodman continued to wrestle sporadically, participating in several high-profile matches and even appearing in Hogan’s television series, “Celebrity Championship Wrestling,” which he won. His wrestling career added another layer to his already colorful persona, further cementing his status as a cultural icon.

Other Pursuits

Beyond basketball and wrestling, Rodman has explored various other ventures. He appeared in numerous film and television roles, including guest spots on “Third Rock From The Sun,” “The Simpsons,” and “Love Island.” He also starred in his own reality show, “The Rodman World Tour,” and appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice,” where he befriended future U.S. President Donald Trump.

Rodman’s most surprising role, perhaps, has been his work as a diplomatic envoy. His friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and subsequent trips to North Korea garnered international attention. In 2018, Rodman played a part in facilitating the historic summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, showcasing his unexpected influence on global politics.

Personal Life

Rodman’s personal life has been as tumultuous as his professional career. He has been married three times, first to Annie Bakes, with whom he has a daughter named Alexis. His second marriage to actress Carmen Electra was short-lived, ending in divorce after just a few months. Rodman’s third marriage to Michelle Moyer produced two children, Dennis Jr. and Trinity, both of whom have followed in their father’s athletic footsteps.

Rodman has also faced numerous personal challenges, including struggles with alcohol addiction and legal issues. Despite these challenges, he has remained a resilient figure, continually reinventing himself and maintaining a presence in the public eye.

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Final Thoughts

Dennis Rodman’s net worth may not reflect the immense success he achieved during his career, but his legacy as one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in sports history is undeniable. From his extraordinary defensive skills and rebounding prowess on the basketball court to his colorful personal life and unexpected diplomatic roles, Rodman’s story is one of resilience and reinvention.


What is Dennis Rodman’s net worth?

Dennis Rodman’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

How many NBA championships did Dennis Rodman win?

Dennis Rodman won five NBA championships – two with the Detroit Pistons and three with the Chicago Bulls.

What other careers has Dennis Rodman pursued besides basketball?

Besides basketball, Dennis Rodman has pursued careers in professional wrestling, acting, and even diplomacy.

Who are Dennis Rodman’s children?

Dennis Rodman has three children: Alexis, Dennis Jr., and Trinity.

What are some of Dennis Rodman’s notable controversies?

Dennis Rodman has faced numerous controversies, including financial struggles, legal issues, and high-profile relationships. His friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has also garnered significant attention.

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